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America's Creepy Killer Clown Craze Finally Gets Explained

The most recent killer clown craze originated in August when police received several phone calls about suspicious clown activity in South Carolina. Reports from Aiken County Sheriff’s Office Department claim that witnesses noticed a subject ‘dressed in a red and yellow suit with a clown mask’ who was enticing children into the woods.Since then, the killer crown craze has spread over to 39 states in the US, along with multiple sightings in the UK and Australia.

In fact, creepy clown sightings have been recorded since the 80s.

‘In 1981, the neighbourhoods around Boston received over twenty calls about children having seen mysterious clowns,’ explains Vox, ‘local schools panicked. Police question a clown that they believed to have been the one children had seen, only to find that he had just been making rounds to department stores as part of his job.’

However, suspicious clown sightings didn’t subside but only continued to appear for the next 25 years.

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